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5th-May-2008 01:22 pm(no subject)
This is friends only, yo!

Leave lovely comments about why you rock so much and I should add you.

12th-Jan-2007 11:04 am(no subject)
you need a hug
I've come back to live journal yet again.

*pauses for cheering*

It's been a while. Too much of "a while" really. And I should keep in touch with people more. As I really REALLY suck at keep in touch with people. :/ Sorry to anyone I may have pissed off by not keeping in touch. Really, I don't mean to do it. It's just the way I've always been. I've been crapped on by friends quite a lot, and after a while you learn to just cut ties and walk away. And unfortunately this becomes the case even when I DON'T get crapped on. So, again, I'm really, very sorry.

I signed up for classes this semester again. Well... class... singular. If I didn't sign up for at least one class then I wouldn't get my student loan money. Which would be very sucky for me indeed. I originally had signed up for a class on Monday nights from 8-11. But I later realized that's the same night as "Heroes" so obviously that just wouldn't do at all. (For the record, I'm not really ALWAYS a TV dork, it's just that me and my neighbor friends make "Heroes" kind of a social thing. And if I didn't go then they'd have it without me. And who likes to be left out?) So I changed it last minute to be Tuesdays. ^_^ We'll see how it goes. So far I've had to work my ass off and gotten all B's. Which, truthfully, makes me the teensiest bit upset. They've all graded on curves. Ginormous curves. And I've seriously worked incredibly hard. So basically I work my ass off.... for a C. :/ Suck.

In other news. My body is waging a war against itself. I live off of caffeine and only get 5 hours of sleep a night. That's not good, right?

But, next week my bosses are leaving for the infamous ATA (Archery Trade Assoc.) show that they have every year around this time. They're gone for the entire flippin' week and it is the most blissfully quiet week of the year. I totally can't wait. *squees*
27th-Oct-2006 10:31 am(no subject)

That's all.
18th-Sep-2006 11:06 pm(no subject)
I can't even describe the awesomeness of the Danko Jones concert this weekend. OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! But apparently someone at the concert had a video camera.

So under the cut is the video. It was a LOT awesomer in person... but you get the idea. :P What basically is going on is the concert was in a parking lot and some people were being lame-os and didn't want to pay the admission. And Danko LOVES to just talk and "banter" with everyone during his concerts, so the people watching from the parking deck created said banter. :P And the thing that the guy in the deck throws down was a $20 bill.
WARNING! Swearing abounds! NOT work safe.

*swoons over Danko*Collapse )
tee hee
I had an AWESOME time. *iz contented*
5th-Sep-2006 02:51 pm(no subject)
Break Damn it!

I hate worrying about money. It sucks the royal patootie. I just hope that my loan check clears before my 8 bills that I mailed out make it to where they're going. *worry*


And right now I'm attempting to multi-task but it's not going so well. (As evidenced by my being distracted by this sparkly new journal entry.) I only just remembered at lunch that I have my class tonight. And, oh yeah, I should probably do the homework assignment for it. Ya. That might help. So now I'm trying to read my Accounting book AND work InDesign with the other half of my brain. I wonder if normal graphic designers have this problem? But I HAVE to pass this class. I've already had to drop it twice...but... third time lucky, right? (*like I CARE about accounting*)

RAGHAR!!!!! Ok, so I'm sitting at work, and just now someone paged someover the intercom (*pet peeves ahoy!*) And she said "Blah blah blah, call One-One-OH" IT'S ZERO!!!! OHHHHHHH is NOT a number!!!!! It's ZEEEEROOOO. I have a slight pet peeve for people misusing words, or pronouncing them blatently wrong. Like pronouncing the "T" in often. *shudder* Or NUCLEAR!!! Not NUCULAR! GR. Or how CSI misuses the word "gangbang" in like EVERY episode. RAGH! Makes me want to hurt things.
22nd-Aug-2006 09:29 am - I'm a damn dirty THIEF!
Stoled from Mikey....

1. Post a list of 15 books/movies/TV shows that you've had a massive love of at some time in your life.
2. Have your friends guess your favorite character from each one.
3. You can cross out the show/movie/book and put the character when someone guesses.

1. What Dreams May Come - the wife (can't remember her name) but she reminds me of myself

2. Da Vinci Code (book.. the movie not so much) - although he's a backstabbing prick, I like Sir Teabing

3. Harry Potter: OotP - Er... Draco. :P

4. Fresh Prince of Belaire - Carlton is totally rad

5. Home Improvement - Come on I grew up in the 90's hello?!?! JTT duh!

6. Johnny English - Bough rocks my socks

7. V for Vendetta - V stole my heart *swoon*, but the guy Stephen Fry played also rocked hard core

8. The Outsiders (MAJOR love for this book) - PonyBoy *cho* I love that book

9. Tristan and Isolde (here's a hint: it's neither of them) Lord Marke... I couldn't help but feel bad for him

10. Friends - Chandler... of course :P

11. Whose Line is it Anyway? (British version) Tony Slattery, I want to have your babies.

12. Beatles: Hard Day's Night - Well, John has always been my favorite.

13. The L Word (the ONLY reason I subscribe to Showtime btw) - SHANE!!!! OMG!!!! *sexs Shane*

14. Tommy Boy Tommy Callahan Jr.

15. Dangerous Beauty - Marco Venier, I think I just have an infatuation with Rufus Sewell.

EDIT: Just in case anyone reads this later and is insanely curious... I'll just list meh favs. :P (Above list edited to include answers) :)
10th-Aug-2006 11:16 am(no subject)
Well since I've got the rant over with, I can go on to an entry that's actually about me today.

Yesterday was another one of those "Tired as hell all day, but then awake as fuck at midnight and can't get to sleep" days. :/ It's not even a tiredness anymore really. I've stopped taking Nyquil to get me to sleep as first of all Nyquil is expensive and secondly I really don't want to get dependent on it to get to sleep. So on average I've been getting about 4-5 hours of sleep a night. Not really a solid sleep either, more like I doze for an hour and toss and turn for another hour and the cycle continues. Depending. I'm SO sleep deprived that all day it's more like I feel like if I don't lay down instantly then I'll get sick. At least I think it's cause I'm not getting any sleep. I'm assuming anyway. But last night was glorious. Six solid hours of sleep. OMG! I did a little happy dance when I woke up.

Although in my gloriousness of sleep I had one of the most real dreams I've had in a long time. And one of those scary ones of suckiness. All I remember was driving to school in my blue minivan. (Ok, an FYI, I drive the most compact of compact cars: a Geo/Chevy Metro... and it's white.. but whatever.) And all of the sudden a huge tidal wave overtakes the street just as I'm going under a bridge. Somehow I get out of my car van while under water and try to get to the top of the water just so I can breathe. But as soon as I get to the top another massive wave comes and I get pushed under water again. This happens about 4 or 5 times and I remember the only thing that I can think about is all the cars that are being carried by the water and it's amazing that I haven't been hit by a floating car. Suddenly the water stops and it's still enough for me to swim to the land. And NOW the only thing I can think of is that my boyfriend's about to leave for school by this time. And then I momentarily think, no biggie, I'll call him, before I remember that my purse was in the van. And then I have a momentary lapse of girly stupidity in the dream where I actually think "Hm, maybe I should cancel my credit cards". Anyway, I run home and my boyfriend's about to leave and then I tell him about the water. So we go out on our back porch and EVERYTHING to the east of us (I specifically remember the lake of water being to the east) is literally covered in water. Almost as if Lake Erie itself had extended down about 10 miles. (Another FYI, I live in Northern Ohio and only about 10 miles off of Lake Erie.)

And then I woke up.


And the night before last my boyfriend said he had this dream where he and his parents went to the Super Bowl. And planes with nuclear bombs bombed everyone in the stadium and then helicopters came and sprayed everyone with poison.


What is it with the weird dreams lately? I can't sleep for weeks and the one time I do I almost wet myself. :/
10th-Aug-2006 09:59 am - Seriously.. what the crap man?!?!?!?!
Break Damn it!
I'm not big into world issues. The media lies to me, so I've just learned to tune them out. But seriously somethings just really anger me beyond anger. This terror thing REALLY is getting old. The terrorists really need to give it a rest. Dealing with this terror issue since 9/11 makes my heart heavy and makes me very weary from worrying about it. I'm a big worrier, yeah I admit it. I'm not into praying, I don't technically believe in a "God" as most people know him to be, but I still pray to anyone who listens that this madness stops.

I suppose I may have developed a Democrat stance on this issue. It's been going on for so long I just want it to be over. It really makes one want to buy an island somewhere where no one would find me. No, I don't forget what happened on 9/11. Things got too real on that day. And I will NEVER forget it. Growing up somewhere where I'd never known what it's like to feel unsafe in my own country it felt as though everything I believed in, the flag I pledged my allegiance to, the anthem that I sang, everything I had pride in just shattered around me. If you would have known me pre-9/11 I was probably the most patriotic teenager you could have ever met. I believed in America, and I was proud. That's the key word: pride. I wore flags pinned to my shirt every the 4th of July, and shivers ran down my back when I heard a band play "The Stars and Stripes Forever".

But either because I grew up, or because of the stupidity of my government, things have changed. America is not the superpower that it was when I was a teenager. At least, not in my mind. When I was a child I never would have thought that I would ever want to leave. I am safe in this country of mine after all. But 9/11 changed all that. I watched the towers fall. And I cried. And I was afraid. The terrorists did not only attack the towers that day, those towers stood for the entire country. And as I watched them fall, everything I stood for seemed so meaningless.

*brings self back from tangent* Anyway, terrorists can eat poop and die. Leave the world alone. And let us live, that's all anyone is on this world to do. Just let me have my life. I promise not to bother you in your life, if you promise not to bother me in mine.
13th-Jul-2006 03:25 pm(no subject)
Is it possible that I have forgotten, yet again, about my poor unsuspecting LJ? :cho: Poor diary. How I have neglected thee. So erm... what's up in meh life?

Really, not a whole lot. My life is still boring as hell. It's the summer, so no classes to keep me entertained at night. I've just memorized the prime-time line up on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX. If that makes me lame, then so-be-it. Ohhh.. I've been watching this show on NBC: America's Got Talent. Good show. I do love it quite muchly. It's like American Idol, but with all talents. Heh heh... some of them I wouldn't really consider "talents" of course. Like the nose-flute playing pirate. I dunno about that one. :P

I have also developed a sick obsession with Tristan and Isolde. *swoons* AH! I LOVE that movie! I seriously am so lame that I watch it every night. Oh yeah. I'm deep in it. I'm a sucker for period pieces what can I say? And James Franco... *melts into a blubbering puddle of Michelleness*... ah James Franco... *dreams*

Ah yesh, and I've joined the diet world again. This time it's actually working. See, I've neglected to tell my one friend. Because every time I start a diet and tell my friend she'll turn it into this big competition where she HAS to lose more weight than me. And she literally has a heart attack every time I tell her I've lost a pound and she hasn't. So to bypass that whole mess I just didn't tell her. And I'm actually sticking to the diet and enjoying myself. If my friend would know right now she'd probably be out running on the track by the university just so that she could beat me. So I really feel like I'm doing her a favor by not telling her. Who likes to diet with pressure. Really now.

The main drive for the diet is because I have a wedding to go next Friday. Yikes. I love weddings... sometimes.. but most of the time they just make me want to vomit. Everything's so perfect and white and glittery.. blah. Gag me. Ok, let me rephrase that... I hate the wedding ceremony. Blech. Now the reception. Yehaw. I could dig that. Open bar dude.

So I'll stop muttering... back to work. *flops*
8th-May-2006 10:22 am(no subject)
So I may have lied about the friends only thing. First of all, I don't have too many friends on here, and second of all it was just for some good old fashioned ranting. But I feel much better now, so that's that.

Anyway, I've been working on this wretched scarf since Christmas, and no it's still not done. Maybe about halfway I would guess, but I took a picture of my modeling my lofferly scarf so that everyone can see my handywork. I usually get a little bit done and then get distracted by more pressing matters, or I just get sick of it and stop working on it. I'm trying to make it a really long scarf, but that just takes a lot of time and patience, neither of which I currently possess.

The Slytherin shirt is just for effect to accent the Slytherin scarf. I almost took the picture of me with my Slythy robes, but my better judgement ruled against it, and the shirt won out. Personally I like the pink pants. That's classic. Oops.
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